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, also known as Girl Meets World Transport or simply Girl Meets World, is a bus company in the Philippines, operating routes specializing for City, Tourist Chartered, P2P and Shuttle service operations. It is named after the Disney Channel series of the same name.


Girl Meets World Transport utilizes and maintains Daewoo Bus, Higer, Golden Dragon, Westtiger, UD Trucks (formerly UD Nissan Diesel), King Long, Yaxing Coach, Asiastar, MAN, Yutong buses for its fleet.

Fare classes

Hi-5 TourBus (45, 49 or 53 seater buses; air-conditioned)

Hi-5 VIP TourClass (28, 29, 41 or 45 seater buses; air conditioned)

Hi-5 P2P Premium Bus Service (45, 49 or 53 seater buses; 38 or 48 seater city buses, air conditioned)


Girl Meets World Transport, Inc.

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